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Valerie Ward

Janet was an amazing coach and mentor. She and I worked together to get me ready for retirement and to create a vision of what that time of life would be like for me. I discovered being ready was so much more than simply creating a financial plan.
Janet is one of the most caring and authentic people I have ever met. In addition, she is a great listener and provides exceptional and thoughtful feedback. She helped me to focus, held me accountable, and taught me to speak up more often to live the life I want to live right now.
During the time I worked with her, Janet helped me to hone skills already in my arsenal to deal with a shifting culture at work. She shifted her coaching to become a hybrid of leadership and self–care strategies, all while helping me maintain momentum and movement toward retirement. Now I feel that I’m in charge of my retirement destiny.

Tiffany Yu

Working with Janet over the past year was invaluable to my personal and professional growth. When we first started working together, I was under a considerable amount of work-related stress and overwhelm that was seeping into other areas of my life. I had also never worked with a coach prior to this. Janet helped me develop clarity and find strategies to get the support that I needed.  Most importantly, I learned to reframe some of my negative thinking patterns so that I could spend time doing more things that not only nourished me, but also helped support my company’s growth.

Sharyn Warren

Before working with Janet I was stuck in overwhelming discouragement. I had worked with several other coaches in the past, so was aware of the high value of coaching. When I met Janet, I knew within a few minutes that if the need ever arose again, I wanted her to be my coach. That is exactly what I did and I haven’t looked back. Janet has delivered high value coaching, ideas and suggestions that have far exceeded anything I expected. Not only did she help me with the initial issues with which I was struggling, her coaching has really helped me restore vitality and clarity. She has also been very helpful in helping me map out strategic actions, which was one place I tend to get bogged down. I highly recommend Janet if you are looking for an outstanding coach who can strategically and dynamically help you move forward.

Corrie Woods

Janet brought to our coaching relationship the best blend of professional expertise, great listening skills, powerful intuition and the ability to ask just the right questions at just the right time. Her thoughtful questions and insights helped me to stay grounded so I could be my most resourceful, empowered self on all fronts. I could stay focused on the importance of each person and each connection. Ultimately my project was enormously successful, relationships were deepened and I came away with some powerful life lessons and new interpersonal skills. Janet’s support and wisdom played a large role in the success. The combined power of her leadership and facilitation skills, her insights and her instincts have made a world of difference for me.

Sandy Becker

Because of coaching with Janet, I am becoming a much better version of myself.  She helps me expand what is possible in my life and then make it real.  After coaching, I can see the paths to action more clearly and the mood that goes with doing the work is different. She helps me feel calm and centered.

I stay with Janet as my coach because the learning continues.  Her greatest skill is her thoughtful, high integrity communication.  I feel really, really safe in our conversations.  I keep getting fresh thinking from our work and my life has become deeper and richer.   I know myself better and I can see myself more clearly.

Martha Denton

I’ve been working with Janet for a few years now and she’s helped me through a number of career growth and decision points. She helped me decide to stop freelancing and instead go in-house with a client. She helped me with being a first time manager. She’s helped me work through difficult situations with difficult people, making them less anxiety causing. Mostly, she’s helped me figure out what I really want out of career. She’s versatile, funny, sensitive, and wise.

Robin Anderson

Coaching with Janet has been a life changer. She helped me clarify what I truly wanted in my life: a balance of work and fun—without the guilt. Her calm, gentle voice reassured me that something good would come from our partnership. And I wasn’t disappointed! She helped me to recognize what I truly hold important in my life and then to ensure that my behavior honored those beliefs. I’ve also learned to get out of my head and more into my heart and experiences. And the greatest lesson? I’ve learned to accept myself and where I am in my life, without comparison to others. Janet is an awesome, gifted coach.

Will Potter

In the last few years I’ve faced rapidly increasing demands on my time and attention, and Janet’s coaching has been absolutely essential in navigating these changes. She has helped me step back and think through big-picture goals, and also offered concrete advice on tackling specific problems. The biggest impact, though, has come from Janet’s guidance in changing the way I think about my work. She manages to hold me accountable while also being compassionate and consistently supportive. I’m amazed how much progress I’ve made with Janet’s help.

Kate Kelly

Janet seems to always have her antenna out for “the new” so she has brought me a wide circle of important information for my business. For example, her ideas have helped my website traffic go up 25%. Everything seems more doable since I started coaching with her. Even though I’m an extraordinarily disciplined person, like everyone I sometimes struggle to stay on track. Janet gives me an anchor and support so I can get even more done; she is sensitive and focused and has contributed a richness to my life that goes beyond my business. There is a quality about her that helps me keep my spirit up even when I encounter difficulties and then I can remember the driving purpose I have for every day. Janet presents me with a personalized roadmap that doesn’t let me forget the forest just because I am concentrating on dealing with every tree. I’m no longer lost in day to day tasks, I have a strong direction.

Gayle Scroggs

As a coach Janet continually asks the right questions at the right time! She helped me develop my trust in my own talents and a workable plan for growing my business. Working with her has enabled me to develop confidence, clients, and certification as a coach–and greater awareness, joy, and balance in daily living. I recommend her highly to others who want to enjoy their lives more. With Janet in your corner, you can get out there and take on the world!

Pete McQuillin

Janet Slack helped steer me through career changes, life work revisions and at least one complete reinvention of myself. She showed me how to polish my relationships and skills, set realistic priorities and weigh my options with her patient, caring style. She is a master of powerful questions that got me to examine how I am really doing, not just how I say I am doing. Now on the other side of those upheavals, I realize how much she has taught me. Janet really knows her stuff.

Renee Freedman


Before I started to work with Janet, I could not see beyond what I believed were my choices. In working together, she has been a resource for me to think things through, to reframe, and to learn about areas of business that I was uninformed about. She has shown me how to be more technologically savvy and to successfully address some of the challenges in my business. Perhaps best of all, Janet’s coaching has allowed me to focus more on what I want versus what others think I should be doing. I am more clear and directed.

Loti Woods

It was so helpful to have Janet as our relationship coach after my sister and I became co-leaders of a huge community project. Before our coaching began, our relationship had turned into all work – we no longer did fun things together. Janet helped us clearly identify our roles in the project, share the spotlight and assess the differences in our strengths with honesty. The relationship coaching helped us stay away from being scattered and overwhelmed and made us remember at all times that the relationship was more important than the project. In the end, the project was a huge success and we had an even better version of our relationship than ever.

Donna Goodin

I really can’t say enough good things about Janet’s coaching. She’s an excellent listener, who is also very insightful. I found her to be adept at challenging me to stretch beyond my comfort zone, without taking me so far outside of it that I felt overwhelmed or scared. Our coaching helped me find my own areas of resistance so that I could analyze whether I was reaching my goals and make course corrections. I am so pleased with the decisions I made because of the coaching – I know I wouldn’t have come to the same correct conclusions without my coaching with Janet.

Artesia Peluso

Janet is excellent at what she does. She is an intelligent, capable and dependable woman with much experience and creativity to offer. Don’t hesitate to entrust your business or life goals with her, she’ll help you get where you need to be.

Andrea Sarro

Janet has inspired me through our coaching sessions. She has helped me grow spiritually and has given me that little push, I need personally, to move forward in the positive path I’ve always wanted to take but never knew how to begin. I enjoyed my sessions with Janet and felt great after each one. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to invest in themselves.

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